Yogurise your life!

With YoguJoy™ you’ll no longer need to talk your children into eating fruit. Prepare the healthiest and most delicious ice creams in just a few seconds. Simply add frozen bananas and the ingredients of your choice. The perfect solution for lactose-intolerant or coeliac people.

How it works?


Have frozen bananas ready!

Peel some bananas and put them in the freezer for 24 hours. Take them out 10 minutes before enjoying your yogurt


Fruitify your yogurt!

Add the fruits of your choice to the frozen bananas. The wider the variety the better! Remember to cut big fruits into little pieces and to remove the pit if they have one!


It’s time to enjoy your Yogu Joy™!

The delicious creamy mix will come out of the lower tap. You can add chocolate or nuts to make your Yogu Joy™ even more delicious!

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